Brief Introduction

Based on our prominent background, combing industrial need and related resources, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) aims to establish an integrated mechanism for both talent cultivation and Industry-academy R&D, in order to enhance the quality of human resources and the effectiveness of value-added intellectual property. Therefore, STUST has proposed and been promoting 3 subprojects, “Talent Cultivation”, “Industry-Academy R&D” and “System Modification & Paradigm Sharing”, so that the core of vocational education, “pragmatism”, could be reached.

Additionally, STUST aims to become “the best partner university of science and technology to cooperate with industry”. With our excellence in education and industry-academy collaboration, STUST fulfills the responsibility of Paradigm University by diversification in talent cultivation and technology development in relative industries, so that we may engage in long-term talent cultivation, R&D dedication and promotion, value addition of human resources and intellectual properties.

STUST has been devoted to enhancing the performance of practical education, industry-academy collaboration, talent cultivation, job market of the graduates, and so on, showing importance and uniqueness of higher vocational education. We look forward to be the leader among the compatriot schools, directing the change in education system, toward pragmatic talent training and industry-academy collaboration. By flying-geese paradigm, the quality and competitiveness of higher vocational education could be further enhanced. We wish to catch up with top universities of the world.